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Dave Snider - Vice President/ Executive Search Consultant, Texas Mechanical Division

Dave Snider was formerly with Kimmel and Associates of Asheville, NC and ranked among the highest-billing consultants at the company.

He was promoted to Vice President in 2008, and has been a leader of the Mechanical/Electrical Contracting Division since 2005, having filled searches from Boston to Los Angeles. The industry continues to challenge Dave to serve his clients with corporate officers, regional staff, service managers/technicians and field managers.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UNC-Chapel Hill, 1985, and entered the executive search industry upon graduation, starting with Management Recruiters, Inc. He also earned a Masters Degree in 1998, and previous to Kimmel & Associates recruited Headmasters for Parochial Private Schools. Dave was introduced to the executive search industry by being recruited by Management Recruiters while he was at North Carolina into Northwestern Mutual Life in the early 1980's, where he earned the role of College Unit Director, his teams finishing in the top 10 in the country.

His philosophy: "I try to understand a client's needs and point of view, as well as a candidate's strengths and career goals, then try to create a win/win situation for both companies and candidates. When clients call back repeatedly, we believe we have accomplished our mission and theirs."

To reach Dave call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 129 (office) 828-209-3529 (direct) or (email)

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Lauren Soldwisch - Vice President, NE District Director

Lauren Soldwisch is a veteran recruiter in Commercial Construction, Heavy / Civil Construction and Civil Engineering.

She joined the Adams –CG team in January 2014.
A committed practitioner of relationship management, Lauren brings to our Commercial Construction Group tremendous business acumen and keen insight into truly identifying and solving the real problems that confront our client companies. In addition, her core work ethic ensures successful outcome for both client companies and candidates. The keys that drive her success are integrity, passion, and industry knowledge.

Native of Buffalo, NY, Lauren enjoys NFL football and has faith that, one day soon, her beloved Bills will finally bring home the Lombardi trophy.

As an avid outdoorswoman, Lauren spends her free time hiking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, where she now resides in a mountain top cabin.

If you are interested in learning more about the exciting opportunities our clients have in the field of North East Construction- you may email Lauren a confidential resume or contact her directly at 828.209.3500 extension 122.

Lauren produces great candidates whenever I call upon her. Very professional, knowledgeable and personable. A pleasure to work with Lauren. - SR EVP, Global Construction Contractor

To reach Lauren call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 122 (office) 828-209-3522 (direct) or (email)

Account Manager

Megan Morris - Vice President, Mid Atlantic Account Manager, General Contracting

Megan began her career in executive search under the direction of Adams Group founder Jim Vockley.

She was able to quickly build strong relationships with leading mechanical, general contractors and design-build companies throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. She services the construction industry by providing professionals for Healthcare, Institutional, Educational, and Commercial projects.

She enjoys the people, the relationships, and making new connections. Her commitment to helping companies improve the strength of their mission by finding the best talent, while simultaneously improving a professional's position is a gift she brings to our industry.

She graduated Cum Laude with a BA and minored in Marketing from Cleveland State University. While she was there she won an Ohio State Mountain Biking Championship, placed 8th in a National Mountain Bike Race in Vermont, and won the 2002 Cleveland State University "Best of Show" in an art competition.

She resides in Asheville, NC and lives a simple life with her son, Henry, and their dog, Poppy. For fun, outside of work and parenting, she enjoys friends, mountain biking, volleyball, working out, and driving to the beach every chance she gets.

To reach Megan call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 121 (office) 828-209-3521 (direct) or (email)

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Chuck Norman - Executive Search Consultant, Texas Electrical Division

Chuck Norman began his career in electrical commercial construction right out of school working as a helper for his father.

Chuck gained a great deal of respect for his father and adopted the love and passion he demonstrated daily for the industry.
Chucks history of entrepreneurship, management and a stint in private investigating, along with his life experiences have prepared him to be an insightful well rounded executive search consultant.
His driving force is to advance the career paths for men and women who share the same passion and love of electrical construction.
He serves and represents the most reputable companies in the industry throughout the great state of Texas.

Chuck has done a great job providing talented professionals for our company. He takes great pride in his work and truly cares about the people he is placing as well as the companies he recruits for. It is always a pleasure doing business with Chuck and we look forward to working with him in the future. - Leading National Electrical Contractor

To reach Chuck call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 128 (office) 828-209-3528 (direct) or (email)

Account Manager

Sharon Lavoie - Mechanical Contracting Specialist, California / Pacific Northwest

Sharon has over 12 years of experience in management and human resources. She has a unique understanding of the needs of mechanical contractors. Sharon began her construction career working with one of the Top 100 ENR Mechanical Contractors soon after their start up.

Her experience helps her to building strong relationships with her clients and gives her an understanding of the challenges facing construction industry.

When not at work she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, gardening, cooking and supporting sustainable agriculture.

To reach Sharon call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 134 (office) 828-209-3534 (direct) or (email)

Account Manager

Michelle Johnston - General Contracting Specialist, Texas

Michelle is responsible for representing the interests of General Contractors in the state of Texas

Combining the resources and backing of Adam's long history of service in the Lone Star State, she offers her clients access to talent at the professional, mid management and senior executive levels. She can assist companies in locating estimators, business developers, project managers, superintendents, and more. Michelle has a background in editorial law and sales. She attended Cleveland State University in Cleveland Ohio. Her "project" list includes raising three boys and singing in the Carolina Concert Choir.

To reach Michelle call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 123 (office) 828-209-3523 (direct) or (email)

Account Manager

Jeremiah Marske - Executive Search Consultant, Mid Atlantic Account Manager

Jeremiah is responsible for servicing the needs of mechanical contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region

Jeremiah feels executive search is more than just matching job requirements with candidate experiences. One needs a deeper understanding of the culture and personalities of the client and management team to properly match candidates for the right long-term match. This requires persistence and a well-developed work ethic to find that "needle in the hay stack."

Jeremiah spent his formative years on a self-sufficient farm learning strong character from his grandparents through hard work. Through his early school years and into college he gained experience with the construction industry working for family subcontracting companies. He is experienced on a variety of projects from residential rehab to multi-million dollar commercial projects.

He further developed his work ethic as a competitive swimmer. He worked past failures and hurdles to become an elite level athlete and Swimmer for NC State University where he studied engineering and earned a BS in Management and Marketing from UNCA.

Over the years, Jeremiah has developed a broad base of knowledge from industries such as construction, manufacturing, real estate, and healthcare. He believes his combined work ethic and character have been very beneficial to his development as an executive search consultant.

Jeremiah wants to know, "How can my skills and experience help you?"

To reach Jeremiah call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 127 (office) 828-209-3527 (direct) or (email)

Account Manager

Cory Swoveland - Executive Search Consultant, Electrical Division, Florida

Cory Swoveland found executive search and recruiting to be an ideal transition from his prior experience of twenty years with AT&T.

He's passionate about building long lasting relationships. Cory serves the Electrical Construction industry in Florida and the Carolinas. Western North Carolina is where Cory and his family call home, and where he loves being outdoors. Having grown up in Florida, the Sunshine state remains a favorite travel destination from the Panhandle to the Keys and all points in-between.
Cory takes pride in working with progressive companies and learning about their vision, culture and leadership.
"I see my role as that of a matchmaker. My passion is in building professional relationships with the people who lead the best organizations in electrical industry, as well as in networking with talented and skilled professionals. I take great pleasure in successfully bringing the two together. Having a role in building great companies while also having a positive impact on someone's career and life is very rewarding."
Cory can be of service to you, please don't hesitate to reach out.
To reach Cory, Call:

To reach Cory call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 140 (office) 828-209-3540 (direct) or (email)

Account Manager

Rob Polovina - Senior Executive Search Consultant, Heavy Highway / Civil Division, Southeast

Rob is an industry veteran with over 15 years' experience.

He leads Adams Group Heavy Highway/Civil division with a relationship building approach. He is honored to have clients who rely on him repeatedly to provide them with superior construction professionals who excel in their skill sets. These professionals can make immediate and positive contributions to the clients with whom they join. His goal is to serve his clients and candidates with integrity. Rob resides in Fletcher, North Carolina with his wife Susan.

To reach Rob call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 146 (office) 828-209-3546 (direct) or (email)

Account Manager

Mabry Robinson - Executive Search Consultant, Mid-Atlantic Electrical Division

Mabry enjoys working in construction consultation and is responsible for representing Electrical Contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region.

He is a long time resident of Western North Carolina and enjoys spending time outside. He attended Brevard College and graduated with a Bachelors in Business and Organizational Leadership.

To reach Mabry call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 141 (office) 828-209-3541 (direct) or (email)

Account Manager

Rick Bradham - Executive Search Consultant, Florida Mechanical Division

Rick works exclusively with Mechanical Contractors in Florida. His goal is to help both the employee and the company achieve success and growth.

To do this, he works diligently to have a thorough understanding of both parties to find the right match. Placing the right employee with a great company is extremely satisfying for everyone - one that Rick refers to as win, win, win situation. Understanding employees and companies comes from decades of business experience. Rick has enjoyed personal success with a varied career that includes different types and sizes of businesses. During his career, he has spent over four years in employee placement.

To reach Rick call: 828-209-3500 - Ext. 135 (office) 828-209-3535 (direct) or (email)

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