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The Adams Consulting Group is a National Executive Search and Placement firm specializing in the exciting field of Construction and Construction Subtrades


Adams Consulting Group can enhance your project delivery abilities by providing you with access to talent at the professional, mid management and senior executive levels.

We can assist you in locating estimators, business developers, project managers, superintendents, and more.

We are also experienced at conducting senior executive searches.

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Adams Consulting Group


Being proactive and maintaining control of the moves you make is the best way of managing your greatest asset - your own career.

Adams Consulting Group believes that the best way to successfully serve the needs of our clients is to be keenly aware of the needs and desires of the professionals with whom we work. We can analyze a career path and strategically focus our efforts on logical moves that keep you competitive in the market.


Adams Consulting Group


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"I am experiencing my 3rd decade with Dave Snider bringing me highly qualified candidates. He takes the time to understand the needs of the company and the abilities of the individual to provide a fit that is beneficial to the company and the employee resulting in long term relationships. This commitment to the long haul marks our successful relationship and mutual respect."