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Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

"I wanted to thank Adams Group for all your support in one of the most difficult times in my life. Looking for a new Job is a long a difficult one, and they made it a lot better for me. While I have dealt with other recruiters, they have all seemed to be to busy to try to understand my needs and wants, however with Adams it felt like talking to a friend that is there to support me no matter how long the process takes. When I call Adams, or when They call me I know that we will have a fruitful conversation and that even if the current opportunity isn't the right one they are always looking to find me another company that understands my value. I have been looking for such a long time that you can fall into slumps and feel alone. Adams however is there to pick me up and make sure that I understand the process and keep pushing forward, and even making sure that I take time to center myself outside of the job hunt. I want to thank Adams so very much."